The Cultural Village

Arumdalu has been blessed to be able to catalyst the dramatic change in the tourism of South Belitung. Through Rumah pintar Arumdalu, we have started to empower local community with important skills in the hospitality sector. However, we believe we can do more. We dream to create an integrated village where streams of ideas, combined with the wisdom of local, and professional expertise meet. Collaborating with the local community and international creative industry players, we are soon to realise this dream.

“Blessed to bless”

Arumdalu dreams to be an agent of change of eco concept from Belitung island that can inspire the world. Our experience designing Arumdalu while appreciating nature surrounding us makes us realize the importance of the total eco concept for the future of humanity. This is the map of our future that we want to step in, not just to dream about. We commit ourselves to reach this stage because we know we are not alone. Our ambitions are big but our team are stronger and ready to step into the new water. We are blessed to bless.


We believe the concept of locality of time and place for food ingredients and techniques where each place can have their own character and taste. Indonesian food has been rarely researched deeply and we have started to do so in 2016. Imabari Wellness Villa marks the beginning of our commitment and in 2020 we believe we can be one that makes impact.



Wellness is not just about Yoga & Meditation, but it encompasses good lifestyle, good atmosphere, and many more. It is complex to be put into a word as it is a harmony itself. Arumdalu aims to provide activities that can inspire our guests to live better.


As the first and the only eco luxury resort in Belitung island, Indonesia, we believe we can do more. Collaborating with our sister high tech engineering company in Java and researchers from around the world, we plan a bigger idea to create Arumdalu totally self-sustain through a combination of high technology and our bio-mimicry inspirations.


Started as impossible according to many, Arumdalu stands strong to be a resort that is run majority by the local people from the community surrounding Arumdalu. Through Rumah Pintar Arumdalu, we will start having classes to the local community to make them ready to host guests coming to South Belitung. We want to make South Belitung to be remembered as one of the most hospitable community in Indonesia. A new definition of Indonesian hospitality.


We understand the richness of the local area and we want the local people to realise that too. Began as Rumah Pintar Arumdalu that trained the local community on hospitality skills, we want to extend further, providing the local community a learning centre to help them raise new authentic local businesses that can be build organically to support the community too. Cultural Village is our first step towards this future.

GUSSO Recycled water Heater

Using the internal air conditioner heat waste, GUSSO heat exchanger system is able to conserved the heat to transfer it to water. This system will allow hot water for a day usage (5 hours operational estimate) of air conditioner for 3 days worth of hot water for showering of a villa.

Arumdalu Water Treatment

All the waste water from the resort area are connected into a reservoir which acts as the filter of the waste water and the water reserve for plant watering. We use the recycle water for watering our paddy field and Arumdalu landscape.

LED Lighting



LED light is the heart of Arumdalu lighting system. LED lights are the only type of light used in Arumdalu resort as it provides safety for the guests and truly a method of energy saving.

Organic Farm Arumdalu

In order to provide the food in Arumdalu resort and manage our landscape, we have developed some special areas in Arumdalu area to grow local flowers, fruit, herbs, and vegetable to be used in our resort, this includes our 2 hectares high quality red dragon fruit plantation. Seaweed fertilizer from Belitung sea is used for our plantations to create an umami taste in the red dragon fruit we grow.

Urban Farming Technology

Arumdalu Engineering team invented a new organic urban farming technology called as “Your Simple Garden” that enables highlands vegetables and fruits that could not grow in beach tropical weather to grow abundantly and organically in a beachfront condition. We combined the aeroponic and aquaponic technology with bio-mimicry inspiration. Strawberry, mint, kale, basil, Japanese melon, and many more possibility are wide open.

Wood sourcing


Most of Arumdalu properties are using wood as the main material. Those woods are sourced locally to reduce our carbon footprint and only the best woods are being used in Arumdalu. Moreover the woods that are washed by the sea are used as well as decorations here.

Arumdalu Stone Moulding


Using the rubber mould made from the waste synthetic rubber, a new concept of natural stone wall is created. The local Belitung’s silica sands is mixed specially and molded to become stone wall. This stone walls looks like real stone as the rubber mould is able to resemble real texture of stone until the smallest detail can be seen and touched. These walls are eco –friendly as no more paint is needed and it is heat resistance. This system has reduced the need of air conditioning system.

Breathing Gazebo



Our wicker gazebo is designed in such a way to create a difference in pressure that causes the air to flow-in naturally into the inside of gazebo, a natural cooling system. A naturally breathing gazebo like no other, the hotter it is outside, the cooler it is inside.

Recycled Prammindo Synthetic Rattan

The white synthetic rattan used in Arumdalu for the gazebo, lighting, and the chapels are made with precision and care from recycled plastic that has been processed in our factory in Jakarta.

Organic Fertilizer system

We selectively sort the waste and create our own organic fertilizer for our organic farm. Moreover, we collected the seaweed that are washed to the shore every morning and processed them into a mixture of the fertilizer. The seaweed has proven to be very rich in nutrients and become one of the best discoveries we found in Arumdalu nature.