What can be better than having a business meeting surrounded by natural rainforest and a crystal clear beachfront view? We have tailor-made exclusive packages for your corporate needs from professional meetings to a corporate getaway. Sahang Resto and The Joglo gave an ultimate meeting experience, supported with complete audio visual equipment, and exquisite dining service.


There is always an adventure spirit inside each one of us. Discover your side of being adventurous that suits you in Arumdalu. From trekking to the forest, fishing the the biggest fish in Belitung, foraging fresh unique ingredients from the forest, Kayaking to the Membalong sea, or even discovering yourself through nature and Belitung culture. You choose.

Kayaking at Arumdalu sea

Explore the beauty of Arumdalu private beach romantically from the sea and examine in details the gigantic formation of granite stones in Arumdalu sea. If you are lucky, you will catch a stream of fishes dancing under your kayak.

Cycling de Belitong

Southern Belitung is blessed with lush rainforest that create a peaceful heart. Why not explore further by cycling through the natural rainforest, catching a glimpse of the mysterious Baginde stone, and laughing with the locals at the Membalong fishermen village.

Fishing & Cooking your own catch

Well known for the freshest seafood from the purest sea in Belitung, one must not miss the chance to catch fishes with the local in Membalong. After a day of fishing, we will teach you how to cook the fishes in our way to make the best out of it.

Wild Wet Belitung

The most famous island hopping tour in Northern Belitung to the unique islands of the north.
Tanjung Pandan – Tanjung Kelayang – Island hopping

Natural Adventure

A tour exploring Tanjung Tinggi beach that was the set for the world famous movie, “Laskar Pelangi”, discovering Tarsius, a unique nocturnal endangered local mammals that is conserved in Batu Mentas, and observing the famous Badau pineapple farm.

Cultural Pilgrimages

Explore the Words Museum by Andrea Hirata, the author of Laskar Pelangi and see the set of the movie where it was filmed. Guest will be given a chance to sip coffee from the legendary 1001 Coffee shop town of Manggar and to see Ahok House, the house of the famous Belitung Indonesian politician who is the governor of Jakarta right now.

Discover Membalong

We will bring you to explore Teluk Gembira, a port in the south and took a boat to Seliu island, where the supply of crabmeat in Singapore comes from. Hiking to the highest granite stones, Bukit Baginde, that is believed to be the beginning of Belitung. If you are lucky, the trip will end with a breathtaking sunset in Padang Kandis beach.

The Kubing Waterfall Trail

A conserved forest with a hidden majestic stone waterfall near Arumdalu, where we will explore the Kubing hill and discover the exotic natural landscape. If you are lucky, you will find the rare Kubing Pitcher plants by the river.

Tailor-made request

No request is too big for us.  We are more than happy to create tailor-made packages according to your need.


Arumdalu has prepared special exquisite dining experience for all our guests in Sahang Beachfront Resto using the inspiration of time and place. South of Belitung is famously known from the seasonal freshest seafood and unique edible plants from the forest. Combined with our organic urban farm products, we created international cuisines that suits best with our ingredients and able to evoke your five senses. A pinnacle of dining.

Romantic Private Dinner

We love to spoil our guests with our utmost service and hospitality. Enjoy our exquisite cuisines with a romantic set up with your loved one in a place you like around Arumdalu. We also offer special dinning request and services to surprise your loved one

Celebration of life

Why miss the chance of a lifetime to make your stay in Arumdalu a very memorable one. Surprise your loved one with a private themed dinner with your loved one. You can also create a private themed party for your friends. Where can be better to celebrate life than in a place where Mother Nature dances gloriously?

Slipper prawn Zori-ebi Arumdalu

Taste the freshest of Southern Belitung famous Zori-ebi slipper prawn straight from Arumdalu sea.

Kaiseki Bird in a Cage

A Japanese-inspired philosophical meal that has brough Sahang Resto into a new level of dining. Experience cuisine that can evoke your five senses.

Fresh handpicked fruits for Arumdalu Mocktail

Arumdalu mocktails are made in such details that the main ingredients used are handpicked from our own organic farm. Taste the freshness of seaside Hibiscus flower like no others.


Wedding is once in a lifetime moment, a moment to be cherished. Arumdalu Private Resorts located in a serene romantic natural beachfront conserved rainforest, provide a magnificent setting for a wedding ceremony. We offer flexible choices of wedding chapels and stunning locations, from the sea to the forest, to the magnificent granite hill.

Prewedding & Photoshoots

Arumdalu offers breathtaking sceneries unlike other destinations in Belitung island. Together with our creative team, you can decide on the natural props for your special photoshoots, whether it is for a family photoshoot, modelling, and even a precious prewedding photoshoots.

Located in a conserved rainforest, Arumdalu has many hidden gems that will be a great place for you to capture photos for your special occasions.

Wellness & Craft

A healthy soul and mind will give a healthy body. Arumdalu is built with a concept to be an inspiration of life itself for our guests. Discover your inner soul and peace in Arumdalu through wellness activities that we have tailored-made for you from organic cooking class, body spa and scrub making workshop, Belitung massage, spa, art & craft, and many more.

Batik Painting Beginner and advance class

This is where we began our cultural discoveries in Belitung island. Collaborating together with famous Solo Batik designer, we created new batik pattern and color that are inspired by the surrounding nature of Arumdalu. We offer many different types of Batik classes and workshop which can be tailored according to your passion.

Organic Cooking Class

Learn what it takes to start a healthier life by taking on our organic cooking class. We will teach you to how to choose a good ingredients and cook in a healthy way. Good food can make a happy soul.

Foraging & Gardening class

Being isolated from everywhere else makes us realise the beauty of using the ingredients from our surrounding forest and sea. Join us to discover the beauty of Arumdalu forest on how to do real picking of wild flowers, leaves, fruits, for our own meal. Besides, workshops to introduce basic a to z of gardening will inspire you to live greener when you go back to your home.

Urban farming Your Simple Garden class

Learn the basic of our most advance gardening technology ecosystem that enables Arumdalu to grow critical highland vegetables and fruits at the seashore. Your Simple Garden class will introduce you on how to do modern farming that is urban, clean, yet organic in the same time.

Body spa & scrub making workshop (Coming Up)

There is always a question how to create the wellness products you are using in Spa. Arumdalu offers classes to introduce on how you can create your own spa products for homeuse using the everyday ingredients.

Arumdalu Spa & Massage (coming up)

Pottery making workshop (coming up)