Indeed it is the most popular term nowadays which are the dream job of many young millenials, the influencer for lifestyle, food choices, and many more. But have you ever wonder what does “influencer” really mean? It simply means the person or something that can influence other people decision, but we personally believe it goes to the further extend, it changes people perspective on things. Do you know that a company or an association can become an influencer too for people’s life? So do we think Arumdalu can be an influencer to the hospitality industry. We want to unleash the potential of the unknown, an influencer that create real positive changes to the surrounding.

When we first stepped into the world of resorts hospitality, we realized how hospitality has mostly lost it’s soul to truly bringing an impact, an influence, to what it should be. How many resorts you know can make you feel totally refreshed with a will do better once you are back to your real “life”? Arumdalu Private Resort was built with this vision to be the real influencer in the world of hospitality. We want to influence people’s life or to bring positive impacts, an inspiration for life and in the same time bringing effective positive impact on the local community.

Then few years back we decided to build Arumdalu in the most unexpected area ever in Indonesia, Membalong district in Belitung island. Membalong is not what you saw today where people collaborated with each other to build the district sustainably. Membalong was a place people least expect, the place that is “left behind” from development. Who would expect this undeveloped region became known to be “one of the last piece of heaven on earth” after we try to built the region with full concern for the environment and also advancement of the living of the local society. A combination of vision, knowledge, trust, local community, & local wisdom unleashed the hidden potential of the untouched region of Membalong. We call the concept to be “Beach, Food, & Culture”.

Little that we know before we started. However as we keep learning and doing, we prove ourselves to become Belitung first and only Eco Sustainable private resort in Belitung island. We introduce a concept of “BEACH” natural resort with state-of-the-art eco technology such as natural greywater recycled system combined with landscape plant watering, water heater system using waste heat from AC system, & also insulated wall made from local sands. We even successfully developed a system to grow basil, strawberry, & mint in the seashores.

Besides we explore the FOOD by exploring local ingredients, working with local fishermen and farmers, creating organic farm, & also learning from the local cultures with the hope to create food truly from Membalong and indeed creating food that can fulfil the wellness of our guests while in the same time empowering the local community.

Last but not least, we developed the CULTURE of Arumdalu, as it is the soul of our resort. We researched, collaborated, & experimented with the local wisdom, combined with our knowledges to create artisanal craftsmanship activities & new hospitality standard by educating the brightest of the local communities, & collaborating with local businesses. We realise that the small move we do has impacted and changed the society livelihood around our resort while in the same time totally forming new wellness packages for our guests that truly able to tickle our guests’ mind about perceiving things in many perspectives.

So what have we achieved? We have somehow created an ecosystem of future hospitality where what we do can create positive impacts for our guests while in the same time bringing positive changes & sustainable development to our surrounding. And here it is, a real definition of influencer. I guess, no matter what you promote and say, the most important thing is what has actually happened. We are happy to what we have achieved but we believe more can be done!

It is indeed to explain everything in an article. Right now we are just about to announce our next mega step that you might be interested in (ps: stay tune to our blog) but for now, if you feel curious because of this article, pay a visit to our website www.arumdalubelitung.com and book your stay with us to see and feel the impact yourselves. We hope you yourself become an influencer of sustainable future after staying with us! Who knows you can also play a part of the change too!