Special Menu For Lebaran is Revealed!

Celebrating this upcoming festive Lebaran, we are proud to introduce Arumdalu special menu “Rendang Steak” to all of you. Why is this Rendang Steak of Arumdalu so special?

Rendang Steak is created using the home made Arumdalu – grown spices that blended so well with the local ingredients, that we can guarantee 100% fresh from the farm. As well as the ingredients, this Rendang Steak is completed with the “Yorkshire Pudding” using the British style, however they do some modify on it, Arumdalu “Yorkshire Pudding” is using the handmade pao.

Thus the potato chips also switched with the Belitung cassava and this modern taste of Indonesia cuisine is twisted with the edible Kenikir flower that will surely evoke the 5 senses of yours. Do not forget about the upcoming “Rendang Steak” will be available during Lebaran. However, it will always ready to be served on your table for lunch or dinner when you reserve us 1 day before your arrival. See you there!

PS: You can received our exclusive post card as well during this event by purchasing our “Rendang Steak”! Caring is Sharing, let’s make this month full of blessing!

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